Looking back on my plans versus what my build came out like i’m a little disappointed that I could get the scale I had wanted for the build, I had intended to make the whole thing much much larger than the standard avatar so much so that you would have needed to take a flight of stairs or a ladder to reach the top of the pot and the troll would be a huge imposing figure looking down on you


Above was the intention and below is the realitytroll, couldron final.PNG

The particle effects I felt were appropriate for the simplistic style I ended up going with which I felt was reproduced from my mind well but the lighting was something that I didn’t really do much about and in hindsight really wish I did since it sets a much better atmosphere if it were actually dark and lit up by the fire.

I never ended up using any imported textures even though some higher res stone textures would have helped since I ended up using mostly the same granite texture for all the stone or rock elements in the build.

I am pretty pleased at how the snail animation worked out and all though they are very simple i’m glad i managed to get one doing laps around the top of the cauldron.

The mine cart worked OK since it is a heavily modified script from another persons 3 way portal script, the fact that the kind of teleport moves the object, drops you off and returns instead of moving the character still is beyond me but it gets the job done.

I ended up removing the second room I had planned that would contain the food items because the carts and all that were not needed since I could fit them into one room, if I were better at the design and graphical parts maybe having two separate rooms would have been OK but at my level of expertise two plain rooms are worse than one less plain room.wideshot final.PNG

I still feel that there is a lot of empty space in the room but realistically overloading a room with items (cosmetic or useful) can be bad in its own way but maybe something to make it look more like a cave and less like a dome would have been better, I probably shouldn’t have made the large wall of stones outside since it takes up a much larger amount of prim space than I thought it would be.

Honestly I should have made the outside cart just in a featureless black square so anyone who entered would just be there with the cart and I could have not build an outside to the build and focused more detail onto the inside of the cave making it look more cave like by having rocks or odd shapes poke in through the cave walls making it look more natural.

As far as the scripting goes I’m kinda happy with what I achieved as it was more that what I thought id be able to do.


the final product

Basically im going to run down the typical order of events and what you as an avatar can do in my buildoutside final.PNG

first off you take the minecart into the cave, this works by seating the avatar and teleporting into the cave, dropping the avatar off and teleporting back outside.

The cart inside works the same way.

troll, couldron final.PNG

When you get inside a sensor looks for nearby players, when they are out of range it says to come over towards it , when you get in range it will say the users name and tell them to get it some food from the shelf shelving final.PNG

on the shelf there are a few options, clicking on these will give you the option to receive a smaller version of the stack of items that you can res (the snails move around in circles)

wideshot final.PNG the last thing to do is interact with the pot where it gives you three options ( one for each ingredient) and makes a bubbling sound when you click any of the options


problems and solutions

Some problems I had during this build were one i had with use of space, my initial idea was to have two different rooms, one were the troll was with his pot and another with the ingredients that would give you a ressable prim.

What i ended up doing was condensing the two rooms into one since it felt like it was empty in both so i ended up adding the shelving into the main room and removing the cart and cave hole that lead to the other room and removed the second room entirely

for a while I had some issues with the rotating animation since I was trying to make the snail move around the transparent cylinder but it was doing the reverse, turns out you need to select the cylinder last when you link the two objects.

Another thing that got me until i ended up looking it up on you tube was particle effects, turns out there is a very easy way to add particles to objects and I ended up adding them to a couple of objects.

completed (i think) all the scripting requirements for my assessment

today I worked on scripting various things in my build including:

  • an animation where a snail moves around in a circle using a transparent prim attached to the snail and a simple rotation script
  • allowing the piles of ingredients to dispense objects
  • scanning for users and asking them to get ingredients for the pot otherwise it says GET OVER HERE above the pot
  • menu with three options to add different things to the pot and plays a sound when the user does

i am happy to have gotten these things done today although they were not all written by me I had to edit them to work properly with my prims and they were free.


shelves and ingredients

today i created the prims that would be the ingredients for the trolls soup as well as removed the extra room which was really just pointless as I could fit all the things i needed into one room anyways.

The piles of food are going to be able to give a user a ressable item for them to keep but not modify.

I have yet to implement the scanner for the troll, an animation and the dispensing part of the foods but all the parts are there.shelving and ingredients.PNG

The snails are part of the ingredient list too.

Trolls ‘n’ Cauldrons

I created the troll and cauldron using some basic prims and textures

The troll is going to have some scripting that detects when users are in range and tells them to help find him some things to  put into the soup.troll and couldron.PNG

the cauldron will be intractable to open a menu with the options to add things to the pot, it would be neat if a sound similar to dropping something into water would play when you did hopefully i will be able to get a bubbling sound to play while your in the cave

I ended up finding a nice video to help me make simple particle effects for fire and such here and this is the resultparticles.PNG

Progress on my build

I ended up deciding on a more script based build but it does include the actual cosmetic side of being in a cave with a troll I Have created the mountain and two caves I wanted to for the main area of the build by using two separate domes and multiple cone prims to create two rooms and a mountain face.exterior.PNG

The mountain isn’t fully encompassed by the cones because i wanted to save some land impact in case i needed it laterexterior side on.PNG

I chose these cone shapes because they were simple and achieved a sort of rocky look I also had intended a fairly simple kind of look.

Another thing i have done so far is getting the mine carts to teleport the user into and out of the cave system.minecart.png

this was done using a free script that uses a user click to seat them and teleport the object to a specific location, unseat the user and then teleport back to its original position.

I modified the script so that certain effects would no longer be there and only one option to teleport was available, I did have a little trouble at one point with the location it would take me when I first got itinternal entrance and way to pantry.PNG

This is an internal shot of the way out ( the right cart) and the way to the pantry (left).

Some things i plan to add now are torches on the walls, a fireplace with a cauldron on top and a troll to narrate the scene so that when the user enters the cave it tells them to go get some ingredients for his stew.

Making a build in second life

My idea for a build in second life is a mountain with 2 caves in it, the first cave has a large troll and a cauldron in it. this troll will ask the users to go into the second room to fetch him some ingredients for his stew once they enter the first large cave through a manner of player detection and hopefully an animation of his arm pointing to the entrance of the second cave area and a replaying animation of him testing the stew with a spoon.

the second room is the pantry for lack of a better word and contains many kinds of edible and non- edible things such as meat on the bone, fish, frogs, mushrooms, rocks, gunpowder, fairy dust, bones/skulls and possibly other things. the user can then interact with these items to receive a copy of the item they represent to then take to the cauldron back in the main room. The main way of transportation between the outside and the two rooms is teleportation by means of sitting in mine cartsoutside view and entry method.png

Above is a simple picture i created to fit this purpose.

Once the user has gathered some ingredients for the pot they take the minecart back the the main room and then go up to the pot and put them in to make the stew change colors and have special effects depending on what they choose to put in.

The actual method of putting food into the pot is unclear to me as on now, one idea was to have interaction with the pot come up with a menu with buttons depending on what kind of ingredients you had and selecting them to remove them from your inventory and putting them into a non accessible inventory of the pot.

the pot and fire underneath will have sounds such as bubbling and crackling heard through most of the first chamber and possibly louder when closer etc..

another thing that maybe cool is to receive a bowl of stew as a ressable item for your hard efforts after helping the troll make his food as well as a thanks from the troll himself.

these are some sketches i madetrollncouldron.png

The main cave

basic layout.png

The second cave/pantry

pantry layout.png

Given the amount of space i have to work with the scale i had first envisioned is not really possible but the pot and troll will be larger than a normal avatar at least.

My intentions and goals are as follows:

  • have working sitting teleports for transportation around the build
  • establish an atmosphere similar to that of inside a cave( dark, torch lit, slightly echo-ey)
  • use repeating animations on creature overseeing the pot and animations of the texture of the stew in the pot
  • particle effects on the stew as items are added
  • simple menu for adding items to the pot
  • prims capable of giving the user a non copyable item to then be taken by the pot
  • restricted viewpoints to allow less land impact building
  • a ressable stew prim given by the creature after helping him make his stew as a reward, hopefully the same color and effects as stew at time of recieving.
  • torches and fireplace(under the pot) to use lighting and particle effects to combat a possible darkness that covers the cave areas.

Protecting ones intellectual properties

In second life a creator can apply various permissions to an object or build they have made such as copy-ability, transfer-ability or the ability to modify. These things are the only layer besides being honest that will stop a persons work from being exploited and profited upon.

Using permissions such as copy will allow the creator to control whether someone who has bought or been given an object can create copies of the said object or if the one they have is the only one they can pass on, this works in conjunction with transfer which decides if the new owner can then give it to someone else or not.

Modifying permissions I’d think is only something you would allow if you intended the sold item to be modified, for example a blank t-shirt primitive or something similar, as it would easily allow someone to make minor changes and lay claim to its creation.

Copybot is a second life debugging tool which can export various things from second life to a importable XML file however LSL (linden scripting language) cannot be copied at the present.

Copy bot’s intended features were that it didn’t have a reliance on Linden labs for backup for use of creating AI’s and NPC’s , it could also be used for importing things made in differing grids, importing content from locally installed simulators and being able to export personal creations to a wider environment.

The intention of the official capabilities of Copy bot was that they required both permission from the user and recipient before going ahead with the operation, unfortunately it ended up being a program that could just take a copy of whatever the user wanted with out paying or permission of the creator.

An attempt has been made to reinstate copy bot to its original purpose as a backup type program and seems to be doing well.

The best way to protect or share your content in SL or a similar sim is to correctly use permissions such as copy, transfer and modify.

Usually if you are looking for total control over an object you intend to sell copy modify and transfer options would be restricted so that you were the only person capable of changing, selling or making copies of the object otherwise if it’s perhaps for advertising reasons in my opinion all you would need is to restrict the modify permissions so that the image would remain constant (perhaps transfer as well to limit reselling?).

Participating in a community


The online community I participate in most is a Wow guild named Malice which my friend got me into once I started playing Wow again last year. Its a fairly lively guild all though a portion of the guilds populace are alt characters, every week we raid twice doing the most current content first then often older raids or challenge mode dungeons during the time between.

The purpose of the guild is mainly to progress in a raiding environment, a raid being a large dungeon or event with usually 10+ players, gear up and gain experience with various classes or specializations. There is a large social aspect to the guild as you can’t typically do a lot of group content in Wow with out a group (duh), we use a discord to communicate most of the time outside of in-game chat during raids or dungeons and also some people play different games such as Overwatch, ultimate chicken horse or guild dungeon2.png

Above is me and some guild mates in the middle of the newest dungeon Cathedral of eternal night that was released with the 7.2 update in the last month.

At the moment on a Wednesday we do a nighthold heroic run meaning that we get together as a raid group and do the nighthold raid on heroic difficulty( the second hardest), at this point we have done it enough to be able to choose which bosses and encounters we want to do first so we go for the two end bosses since they have the most valuable loot and are the most difficultwowlogs.PNG

This is a screen shot of the Wow logs for our raiding on Wednesday, my rogue is named Phinger(the yellow name on the right hand side).

Wow logs are used to record all the aspects of raid(mostly) fights including damage done, moves used (and when), healing or damage taken and are useful for helping under performing people who may have particularly bad gear setups or damage/ tanking/ healing rotations.gul;dan.png

Above is mid-fight on the last boss of nighthold.

My guild has a problem at the moment with lots of people changing classes or making completely new characters because of inevitable and possibly radical changes for the sake of game balance and because of that there is a fair amount of time put towards re-gearing these people and carrying them through harder content to get them good gear quickly. Honestly i’m OK with it for the most part as I did the same thing a while back but the raid leader wants to take them to things like heroic raiding to get them gear where they just become a liability.